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Pet Bottles

Polyethylene Terephthalate is a plastic resin and form of polyester but known to most of you as PET.Millions of bottles are made each year and there is a good chance that your bottled water or soft drink is packaged in PET.

With the ability to "see right through it", PET is quickly becoming the material of choice by those companies looking for an eye catching bottle to promote and sell their product. We are seeing more household cleaners, foods, personal care products, and a variety of liquid and solid materials now being filled and packaged in PET.

Paragon's successful strategy of offering custom and stock HDPE bottles along with decorating will now be extended into their PET line of products. Paragon's reasonable minimums and "easy to do business with" philosophy will offer exciting opportunities for the mid-sized users seeking a custom product.

A line of stock bottles is also being expanded for those wanting labeled or silk screened PET bottles.

32 Ounce/1 Liter Cylinder PET Bottle

32 Ounce/1 Liter Ring Neck Carafe PET Bottle

32 Ounce Trigger Sprayer



The Paragon Advantage

    • It's easy to do business with Paragon.
    • Plastic bottle manufacturing and decorating all under one roof.
    • Two strategic locations in Texas to meet your plastic bottle requirements.
    • Custom molds made with small minimum run requirements.
    • A full range of silk screening, sleeving, labeling, colored bottles to enhance your products image and marketability.
    • Large range of stock bottles from two ounces to two gallons.

Mansfield Facility

Mansfield Facility

Mansfield Facility

Houston Facility