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New Products

PET Bottles

PET Bottles - Paragon PackagingOur new PET bottle machine is on its way! It won’t be long before we are making PET bottles right here in Mansfield, Texas. You can still enjoy short runs, custom molding, and decorating options like you did in HDPE but now in clear PET resin

Our first stock bottles will be 32 ounce/liter Carafe and cylinder. carafes and cylinders.

Give us a call or contact us via e-mail to discuss your specific needs.



One Gallon F-Style

Paragon Packaging - One Gallon F-StyleThis heavy duty, HDPE, 160 gram, F-Style gallon is perfect for a large variety of products. The standard 38mm neck finish will accommodate a standard as well as CRC cap. This popular style bottle can be labeled or sleeved at our plant. It is also available in a convenient 4 pack reshipper.

Click here for spec sheet

Paragon Packaging - 4x1 Shipper

Now available in 4x1 shipper.







Paragon Packaging Measurement BottleRectangle Off-Set Neck

Our new Rectangle Off-Set Neck bottles in two sizes offer several features for the consumer market that we think will prove to be an advantage for your product.

  • A larger than normal 45mm neck opening allows for easy pouring.
  • The “off-set” neck makes decanting an advantage over most other bottles.
  • The optional view stripe lets your customer see and measure their product needs.
  • Volume gradations embossed into the bottle are a nice feature when measuring is a factor.
  • Available in 16 and 32 ounce capacities.

Click here for spec sheet for the 16 oz. version.
Click here for spec sheet for the 32 oz. version.


The Paragon Advantage

    • It's easy to do business with Paragon.
    • Plastic bottle manufacturing and decorating all under one roof.
    • Two strategic locations in Texas to meet your plastic bottle requirements.
    • Custom molds made with small minimum run requirements.
    • A full range of silk screening, sleeving, labeling, colored bottles to enhance your products image and marketability.
    • Large range of stock bottles from two ounces to two gallons.

Mansfield Facility

Mansfield Facility

Mansfield Facility

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