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Paragon Custom Products

Paragon Packaging - Custom ProductsCustom Packaging To Your Specs

Let Paragon Packaging assist you in making a custom bottle that reflects the image you are trying to achieve. We can use your existing mold, one that you have already designed, or work with you and a mold maker to come up with something unique and distinctive.

As shown, we have worked with our customers on a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors and decoration. Here are a couple of reasons why Paragon Packaging may be the answer for your custom mold requirements.Paragon Packaging - Dual Neck Custom Bottle

  • Depending on size and volume, we can run a single cavity mold and our minimum is only 10,000 bottles. By the same token, we have the capability to run millions of your bottles with multiple cavities
  • We have been very successful over the years providing custom molding projects with annual volume between one hundred thousand and one million pieces for smaller entrepreneurs as well as Fortune 500 companies.
  • Our turnaround time is efficient and we can work with our local mold supplier (or one of your choosing) to design just the product you are looking for
  • Our ability to silk screen, apply sleeves or labels, make small runs, experience, and doing the things the bigger guys won’t - may make Paragon Packaging the right choice for your project.

Contact us to discuss your project needs.



The Paragon Advantage

    • It's easy to do business with Paragon.
    • Plastic bottle manufacturing and decorating all under one roof.
    • Two strategic locations in Texas to meet your plastic bottle requirements.
    • Custom molds made with small minimum run requirements.
    • A full range of silk screening, sleeving, labeling, colored bottles to enhance your products image and marketability.
    • Large range of stock bottles from two ounces to two gallons.

Mansfield Facility

Mansfield Facility

Mansfield Facility

Houston Facility